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List of Figures

  1. Object Oriented JVM Instructions
  2. Diagram of Language Integration via the JVM
  3. A Simple Example of a Tied Perl Scalar
  4. ``Defined'' Perl Program Example
  5. OP-Tree of ``Defined'' Example
  6. ``Add and Print'' Perl Program Example
  7. OP-Tree of ``Add and Print'' Example
  8. Partial Stack Evaluation of ``Add and Print'' Example
  9. Example of B::JVM::Emit Interface
  10. Portions of the SvBase Class
  11. B::JVM::Jasmin Code for handling ``gvsv'' SVOP
  12. B::JVM::Jasmin Evaluation of ``Defined'' Example
  13. ``Add and Print'' Example in Kawa's IR

Bradley M. Kuhn