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Email Contact

The easiest way to get in touch with me on any non-urgent matter is via email. Please send email to <>. If you don't get a response within a week, I don't mind if you resend. I get thousands of spam messages a day and I am not on top of looking for false positives.

If you need to contact me regarding my role at the Software Freedom Conservancy, please write to <>. All other matters can be sent to my address mentioned above.

Please make an effort to use the right address for contact. It will probably speed up my response.

Meanwhile, I only read and respond to email once per day, usually in the early morning of the US/Eastern time zone. If you are trying to reach me on a matter that needs urgent attention in the next 48 hours, please phone my office or find me on IRC (see below). Also, note that I sometimes don't read email at all on weekends.

I realized that my only-check-email-once-per-day policy is strange in the modern era. It was original inspired as a “mild version” of Donald Knuth's email policy. I later read this study, which is one among many that shows the interrupting nature of email (as typically used) is bad for efficiency.

GNU Privacy Guard

I urge you to consider using GNU Privacy Guard when you send me email. Below is my GnuPG public key (note that I use the same key for three different addresses: <>, <>, and <>).

Please do not sign my key unless you have done a fingerprint exchange in person with me.

You can download an ASCII-armored version of the following public key:


Note that this key:
        pub   1024D/DB41B387 1999-12-09
        uid                  Bradley M. Kuhn (bkuhn99) <>
        uid                  Bradley M. Kuhn <>
        uid                  Bradley M. Kuhn (Member of the Free Software Foundation's Board of Directors) &;>
        uid                  Bradley M. Kuhn <>
        sub   2048g/75CA9CB3 1999-12-09
has been deprecated and may be revoked at some time in the future.

Postal Contact

If you need to send me postal mail, you can send it to:

Bradley M. Kuhn
c/o The Software Freedom Conservancy
137 MONTAGUE ST     STE 380
BROOKLYN, NY 11201-3548

Telephone Contact

I didn't used to like the telephone, but I came to realize that its use is really inevitable, and is often much quicker, more precise, and less impersonal than a long email exchange. (I also feel better now using the phone, since I use Asterisk and Twinkle, so that at least the last mile of all my phone calls are encrypted and controlled with Free Software.) I generally think geeks should reconsider their constant insistence on communicating primarily via email. I've learned from the mistake of preferring email to telephone, and hope others will, too.

I'm happy to talk to you, but I prefer non-urgent phone calls to be scheduled. If you'd like to have a phone conversation, please email me and we can coordinate a mutually agreeable time. However, if you already have my phone number on file and need to phone me on an urgent matter, please do so! In fact, it shouldn't be too difficult to determine a telephone number that will reach me by using publicly available information.

In-Person Contact

I would be happy to meet people in person. Humans have evolved for more than 200,000 years to interact this way, and therefore, it's likely this will (and should) always remain the canonical form of communication. For this reason, I never prefer any form of virtual contact over face-to-face communication. If you would like to meet me in person, please send me email to coordinate a meeting. I am often at many conferences relating to Free Software, so you can often meet me at them.

Online Chat Contact

My preferred online chat system is IRC, and I can also be found most days on the Freenode IRC network. I am not particularly a fan of any non-IRC online chat system, but I am nevertheless usually available on various chat networks. I urge you to use a Free Software client (such as Pidgin) for those networks. Determining my usernames on these networks is left as an exercise to the reader.

Creative Commons License This website and all documents on it are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License .

#include <std/disclaimer.h>
use Standard::Disclaimer;
from standard import disclaimer
SELECT full_text FROM standard WHERE type = 'disclaimer';

Both previously and presently, I have been employed by and/or done work for various organizations that also have views on Free, Libre, and Open Source Software. As should be blatantly obvious, this is my website, not theirs, so please do not assume views and opinions here belong to any such organization.

— bkuhn

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