Considering the Future of Copyleft

Bradley M. Kuhn

Saturday 13 September 2014

Talking Politics and Faith

A Recitation of Faith

Should Copyleft Exist?

The Truce We Once Had

Back When It Was a Cause …

The Politics of Cooption

  • I just moved out of a cow-orking facility, called Green Desk.
    • marketing: cow-orking that’s good for the environment.
  • They didn’t even recycle the paper there: just bins to pretend.
    • It’s not the first office I’ve worked in like this.
    • Usually, I’m the only one who cares.
    • most say: eh, “what are you going to do?”

The Politics of Cooption

Fundamental Assumption Remains

Non-Copyleft Is Easier

OSCON, 12 years later

Apache Software Foundation Today

This is not just a theoretical concern. As aggressively as the BSA protects the interests of its commercial members, [GPL enforcers] protect the GPL license in high-profile lawsuits against large corporations. … FSF … writes about their expansion of “active license enforcement”. So the cost of compliance with copyleft code can be even greater than the use of proprietary software, since an organization risks being forced to make the source code for their proprietary product public and available for anyone to use, free of charge.

The Apache Advantage

However, not all open source licenses are copyleft license [sic]. Not all of them have that viral quality that radically increases the risk for an organization. A subset of open source licenses, generally called “permissive” licenses, are much more friendly for corporate use.

Apache Software Foundation, Compliance Costs and the Apache License

Divide And Conquer

Those Who Forget the Past…

This Game Is Over

Old Days: xdm, Solaris and NIS+

Chasing the Bug Down the Stack

The Two New Games

So, raise your hands:

The Blurry Line of Javascript

JavaScript is an assembly language. JavaScript + HTML is like a .NET assembly. The browser can execute it, but no human should care what’s there.

— Erik Meijer of Microsoft, on 5 July 2011.

Today’s Developers: Children of Web

As the Web grows up


Logically Consistent Copyleft?

Logically Consistent Copyleft?

If It’s Just a Symbol

Well, if it’s a symbol, to hell with it.

Flannery O’Connor, The Habit of Being

There’s More To The Embedded Game


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